The Alliance Of Defiance is a union of musicians and artists dedicated to resisting entrenched power. The AOD stands shoulder to shoulder to fight injustice and inequality, as a voice for the voiceless, in words and deeds, with strength in numbers, to offer positive solutions to resist unbridled power, and to encourage a collective dialogue to build a movement for real change.

The AOD has no political party affiliation, and calls for accountability from both of the major parties, which have been complicit in the corporate takeover of our system, and steady deterioration of our living standards.

The AOD does not encourage, support, condone, facilitate, instigate, incite, or promote any violent acts against any person, group, government agency, organization, entity, or state. We believe in exercising our 1st amendment rights only through non-violent acts of civil disobedience.

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We call out to all musicians and artists who care about these issues, and are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in our struggle for human dignity and the future of the planet.

Contact us at the email address below to join as a member. Please include your band or artist logo, so we may add to the website. There are no union dues, all we ask is that you help make a difference!

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